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  • Posted on: 15 November 2014
  • By: Milo


We haven’t been fired, so the publication is going great! If you have any suggestions to make it better, please send them to me. I promise to keep your name confidential.


Butterflies taste with their feet. Okay, so it’s not a trivia question. Trust me, nobody cares about the question. They only want the answers. Okay, so I wouldn’t put “green”, or “86” here, so you have a point, but I know nobody wants to go look for the answer. You know what I mean…

Still Standing

I have been informed that all those people standing can expect to live a couple of years longer than the rest of us. Somebody did a scientific study. So, I’m thinking, what are they going to spend that extra time doing? Walker races at the nursing home? I’m still sitting…


Remember all of the stuff that you learned in the Day 100 training? Me neither, let alone the Day 700 training, or the Day 500 training. So how about a refresher…

  • The auditor doesn’t want any coffee.
  • Tell him you’ll have everything he wants in 3 days.
  • It’s an audit. Give them something big to find up front. Fix it in a hurry so they can see how efficient you are.
  • Blame everything on the previous administration.

The Red Dot

Did you ever notice someone displaying the red dot “busy” indicator on their Instant Messenger, and then you were surprised to find they were actually nodding off at their desk? TGET News brings you the real legend. Sure, they don’t want to be disturbed, but just not for the reason you thought! There is an “appear offline” status, but shouldn’t there be an “appear working” one also?

Financial Management Certification

We are all excited about being required to be Certified Financial Managers! I just put that in so if any supervisors get hold of this, they will probably be skimming the first line of each paragraph. Good thinking on my part…

A lot of great stuff to learn here. For example, I see there is an eight hour course on Decision Support. I think I’ll take that first and then I can decide if I want to continue or retire.

One question; if we aren’t able to obtain the certification in time, are they going to send us to the VA?

More to come on this later.

Today’s Chart

Charts always bring something special to a presentation. I thought this one was particurly appropriate. It sums up all of the other charts I have seen in government presentations.

I was going to put a chart to show the percentage of usefulness that the FM Certification will be to me, but it would be just one big red circle. You can fill in the label.

Data (for your edification)

Do you say data, or data? I have always thought people who say data are a little snobbish. Kinda like saying tomato (I say tomato). Hey, if Data can be called Data (they never call him Data), it’s good enough for me!

It might be a regional thing.

A Poem by Milo McCormack

Take just a moment to ponder,
And, I’m sure your heart will grow fonder,
Of thoughts, oh so deep,
That they might make you weep,
Just before your mind starts to wander.

Okay, so I threw this in as a filler. It’s not easy coming up with things that are pertenint to all of my readers, you know.