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  • Posted on: 15 November 2014
  • By: Milo

Greetings....No, really...

Since I really enjoyed the first issue of the TGET News, I’m moving on to Issue 2. I’m sure you will be as satisfied with the latest endeavor as I am. Let’s just say, if you read this far, the newsletter is a huge success!


How long does it take the average person to fall asleep? A: Seven minutes. So if you don’t start reading faster, you’ll never reach the end of the newletter. …oh, not tosay that you are average…

Standing while you work

I have noticed several people working while standing at their desks. My first thought was that they were just nuts, but as a conscientious TGET News reporter, I looked into it to see just what the benefits might be. I was surprised to find several very important reasons to stand while you work, and I’m passing them on to you.

  • Your supervisor will see you working! If you stand you look busy.
  • When it’s time to go home, you don’t even have to get up to leave!

Okay, so there were only two reasons. I still think they’re nuts.

TGET SOP (A synopsis)

So you know what we do at TGET, here’s a typical transaction:
User - I need access.
TGET – You’ll need to fill out the attached SAAR and ROB and submit it. See the instructions I have attached to avoid any problems.
User – Here you go!
TGET – Please have your security manager fill in Part III. Don’t forget to refer to the instructions I sent you.
User – Here you go.
TGET – Great! But you took out your IA Training date and locked the document so we can’t sign it.
User – Oh sorry. Here you go.
TGET – Thank you. Got it, but we can’t take the scanned document. We’ll need the original to verify your digital signature.
User – Here you go.
TGET – Now It’s been more than a year since you took the IA Training. You’ll have to update it…
User – Here you go.
TGET – Wonderful! Here’s your new user ID and password! Enjoy working in TGET! Congratulations!
User – TGET? Uhhhhhh…I wanted CEFT…

The Chart

July’s chart is appropriate, since I just took the Customer Awareness Refresher. I got to go with that guy who questioned everything! And with the woman writing on the chart that would only take answers from the cute guy she was flirting with! I hated that! I guess if she had been talking to me, I might have been a little more tolerant… My name is Milo, and I approve of this chart.

Have a Safe Vacation!

Since it’s vacation time, I wanted to include a reminder to stay safe and enjoy your time off. Don’t slip on the ice and use your legs when picking up heavy objects.
This was the perfect Segway for me to include a picture of Margot at the zoo. I really do want you to be safe, but the only reason for this newsletter to ever reference safety, is to let you know just how cute Margot is. Or, maybe to talk about Larry’s driving. Just saying…

Person of Interest

Some people questioned the example of “interesting people” in the last newsletter, so TGET News has spared no expense and hired a professional consultant to uncover the facts. This chart shows their results. I think this should clear up any doubt about who the interesting people are.