Dream Girl

  • Posted on: 28 July 2014
  • By: Milo
Girl in the Kitchen

I woke from sleep regenerated,
And on a kitchen stool I waited
For my wife to cook some ham and eggs.
Nice legs.

And on this day in late September,
She bent from the waist so limber,
To retrieve an egg or two.
Nice view.

But as I ogled from behind,
A memory crept into my mind--
A dream I’d had the night before.
Nothing more.

Then as I feasted with my eyes,
The dream at once I verbalized,
Quicker than the devil’s wink.
I didn’t think.

"When she’s naked from behind,"
(I only meant it to be kind,)<
"Your sister looks a lot like you."
The words I rue.

The dream I often now invoke,
And later I might have a smoke,
No more ham and eggs, I vouch,
I hate it in here on the couch.


Copyright 2000

Milo McCormack