• Posted on: 16 July 2014
  • By: Milo
Circus Clown

I finally got my courage up,
And asked her for a date.
She told me she would take me out;
She'd pick me up at eight.

She took me to the circus,
We sat 'way in the back,
We ate some cotton candy,
And then some Cracker Jacks.

"I really like the tigers,"
She whispered with a sigh,
And when she saw the lions,
Her hand slid down on my thigh.

When little dogs came running in,
She dropped down on her knees,
And when she saw the elephants,
She gave my trunk a squeeze.

The hyenas, they were happy,
And the panthers were quite black,
And it took me twenty minutes,
To get the peanuts off her back.

I really liked the ponies,
The bears and monkeys, too;
But I think I'll take a blanket,
When she takes me to the zoo.



...but the picture is a little strange...